Nordic Health Innovation

The virtual health room.

We offer a good testbed arena for rural medicine and distance-spanning methods. We are 25 years ahead of the rest of the world.


A "Spotify for journalists" for local news in the country.
Everyone can participate and report news and share the subscription revenue. Our central editorial review published materials.

Visitor Toolbox

All-in-one solution for greater visitor experiences in Museums, Visitor Centers, i-Sites, Showrooms, Exhibitions and Receptions.


Monetize your music. Showify is a video platform and music community for everyone who loves music. On Showify, unsigned artists from the entire world meet family, friends and fans who want to support them. Support in the form of likes, comments and money.

King Mary

The right website will help your business grow
Fast, simple, neat, and WordPress. King Mary will hold your hand through the digital world and create the best conditions for you and your business. As your business grows, we ensure that your website is growing at the same rate.


Offering a full range of creative services from print design through to web and digital media. Our approach is to work closely with our clients to increase their brands value and visibility through design.


Calejo Future Intelligence provides forecasting, predictive analysis, consulting and future studies as a support for Business Excellence and making improved strategic future and investment decisions.

CleanTech Region

CleanTech Region - Advisors - Consultants - Investors delivering Nordic Climate solutions.
Accelerating the World towards 100 % Renewable solutions by 2030 through financing and leadership.


Haldor develops features that simplify everyday life for teachers, students, school management and guardians.
All features are baserd on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 and adapted to Swedish school system. Haldor also offers support and educations for schools.